Productivity Assistant
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XP1 is an assistant based on GPT (gpt-3.5-turbo) with access to your browser tabs content. It is geared (prompted) towards productivity and can be used to help you with your daily tasks (such as answering emails, summarizing documents, extracting structured data from unstructured text, ...)

  • - UseCtrl+↑to open the assistant (remap by visiting chrome://extensions/shortcuts).
  • - Use `[[` to select tabs content to include in the context of your query.
  • - UseCtrl+⏎to submit your query.
  • - Use/resetto clear the conversation.

# Example usage

Reply to [[email]] based on [[knowledgebase]]

Summarize with bullet-points [[cnn]]

Extract [[linkedin]] experience as CSV

Generate a twitter thread with emoji to sell [[product]]

Generate a 5 sentence bio about [[linkedin]]

Generate a personalized email to [[linkedin]] offering to try [[xp1]]

JSON from [[email]] and [[linkedin]] of the form {name, email, job_title, feedback, date }

# Known Limitations

  • - Does not work with Google Docs and Google Sheets (work in progress)
  • - Model context size can be a limitation for long documents especially when using multiple tabs

# Privacy

Only the text content of the tabs you select and submit are sent through our servers to OpenAI's API. Cookies, tab list, or non-submitted tab content are never sent.

# Support