Build custom AI assistants to speed up your work


Amplify your team's performance with personalized assistants connected to your proprietary knowledge and data.

Trusted by 100+ organizations, including:

Connect your team’s data and break down knowledge silos with context‑aware assistants.

Empower your teams with assistants tailored to their needs on concrete use cases.

Remain model agnostic: effortlessly switch to the most advanced AI models without touching your workflows.

Control data access granularly with a safe and privacy-obsessed application.

Keep your team
up to speed

Anyone on your team can create personalized assistants.

Give your creative team members an edge

Empower those with a builder mindset the right tools to accelerate your company's transition with GenAI.

Get your team started with templates

Build upon selected practical examples straight away.

Package powerful workflows in easy-to-use assistants

Team members easily @mention the assistants they need.

Don't change everything; Let AI fit in your existing workflow

Leverage Dust’s Slack integration, API, and Dust Apps to bring Dust where you need it.

your AI Strategy

Integrates with your internal data.
Automatically updated with the latest models across all major AI providers.

Your own knowledge base continuously in sync.

Notion, Slack, GitHub (…) and your own custom integrations with the Dust API.

Switch to the new best model in seconds.

Proprietary and open-source models suited to your needs: OpenAI, Anthropic, Mistral, Llama…

A modular, extensible platform.

Developer friendly platform designed to build custom actions and application orchestration to fit your team’s exact needs. More about Dust's Platform.

Dust for Marketing, Sales, Data,…

Dust for Success and Support

Help your Support Teams, help your customers.

Equip your team with AI assistants to accelerate issue resolution and increase customer satisfaction.


Surfaces relevant information from your Help Center, FAQs, knowledge base, online documentation, and tickets. Understands errors codes without help from the tech team


Answer questions on product evolutions, engineering activity, alerts, and downtime


Identifies patterns and sentiment in support interactions to highlight recurring needs and actionable initiatives based on the internal product team nomenclature and infrastructure


Helps new members of the support team navigate the tools and processes in their first weeks to set them up for success


Connects to product and engineering communication channels to surface ongoing engineering activity, incidents or issues and highlight the possible impact on users and customers


Crafts training, product documentation and training materials through the eyes of your users to help improve content ahead of issues

Dust for Marketing

Go from insight to content in the blink of an eye

Leverage AI assistants to gather market intelligence and customer insights, and to produce content faster.


Creates content based on best-in class  examples availble internally


Generates versioned content for social media outlets taking into account company guidelines


Answer any question about your team's marketing knowledge base. Resurface past ideas and create new ones


Analyzes user and customer surveys quantitatively based on your natural language questions


Tracks competitors websites to highlight changes and pro-actively detect market positioning opportunities


Generates arguments for your product in comparison to a specific competitor, in line with internal product guidelines and category positioning


Transcreate all your content to adapt content for international markets

Dust for Recruiting and People

More time for people, teams, and managers

Support the business and the team effectively across recruiting, onboarding, and career development initiatives.


Acts as a friendly guide to help new team members feel welcome and properly informed from day one and as they learn about the company


Answers questions the People team gets most regularly about company processes and policies based on internal documentation directly on Slack


Drafts job descriptions and matching social media communications based on company templates


Provides a suggested analysis of a candidate CV given a role description to highlight questions for a screening interview


Suggests interviews questions based on roles, stage of the interview and the company's culture


Summarize available information about a candidate based on your company database


Collects achievements, drafts actionable reviews, helps formulate feedback


Designs training modules and crafts employee development plans

Dust for Engineers and Developers

Code smarter,
Resolve faster

Reduce interruptions, write better code, speed up incident response, and accelerate new engineers' onboarding.


Answers general questions about code architecture and engineering team processes


Answers general questions about code to avoid a trip to StackOverflow


Answers questions about the company codebase


Answers questions from the rest of the company on engineering definitions, ongoing projects, and who's on run


Assists in the event of an incident with data on previous similar situation and their remediation


Writes a table of shipped and unshipped features—Summarizes incidents with impact, current status, and remediation plans

Dust for Knowledge Management

Bring your internal knowledge to life

Keep internal content fresh, discoverable and truly useful.
Make it easy for teams to work smarter by tapping into the company's collective intelligence and expertise.


Creates documentation based on product and tech team's knowledge


Analyzes existing documentation in the context of internal discussions on product launches to highlight update requirements


Explores support tickets and support team conversations to spot tribal operational knowledge that should be formalized once and for all


Quizzes new team members on company knowledge as they onboard on their specific team


Translates internal memos focusing on the technical implications and providing reminders on certain business priorities


Explains technical concepts in the context of the company's infrastructure and data model

Dust for Data and Analytics

From Data to Action

Focus on generating first-of-a-kind insights while AI helps with routine queries and standard reports across teams.


Generates simple SQL queries that understand business logic and fixes or improves existing ones


Answers advanced questions about existing users by querying internal data.


Answers questions about internal processes and runbooks on the data team


Knows everything about data schemas and data model relationships at the company

Dust for Sales

Less busywork,
more deals.

Boost qualification, prospecting, and closing.
Practice techniques from demos to objection handling.


Generates personalized and effective cold emails or follow-up emails with the context of the relationship


Creates a snapshot by retrieving data from your CRM, Slack, Notion, including health and sentiment to understand where to focus attention


Points to battle cards, competitive intelligence, and objection handling documentation to increase conversion


Answers any question on revenue metrics directly from Slack


Processes all call transcripts to extract recurring themes or insights


Highlights performance outliers across the team based on CRM data and growth priorities

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