Dust for Success and Support

Help your Support Teams, help your customers.

Equip your team with AI assistants to accelerate issue resolution and increase customer satisfaction.

Exceed customer expectations.

Parse tickets and get to resolution faster

Allow agents to understand customer messages and technical errors faster and in 50+ languages.

Build AI assistants based on company knowledge and past support interactions to bring the company's collective intelligence to the support team's fingertips.

Keep your team up-to-date at all times

Break down information silos.

Give your frontline team access to up-to-date information on projects, ongoing product incidents or issues to help them take action thoughtfully.

The assistants for the job:

Surfaces relevant information from your Help Center, FAQs, knowledge base, online documentation, and tickets. Understands errors codes without help from the tech team


Connects to product and engineering communication channels to surface ongoing engineering activity, incidents or issues and highlight the possible impact on users and customers


Crafts training, product documentation and training materials through the eyes of your users to help improve content ahead of issues

Elevated team collaboration.

Bring new team members
up-to-speed fast

Reduce your onboarding and training time drastically.

Put your documentation on processes and methods to work to help the team learn autonomously.

Maintain visibility
on customer needs

Surface insights from interactions with customers to your Support, Success and Product teams.

Maintain a continuous understanding of customer needs to inform your product priorities.

The assistants for the job:

Helps new members of the support team navigate the tools and processes in their first weeks to set them up for success


Identifies patterns and sentiment in support interactions to highlight recurring needs and actionable initiatives based on the internal product team nomenclature and infrastructure

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