Design and Deploy
Large Language Model Apps

Prompt engineering, re-imagined🔥

Built on years of experience working with large language models.
With one goal, help accelerate their deployment.

Chained LLM apps

Chain arbitrarily between calls to models and code execution.

Multiple inputs

Avoid overfitting by iterating on your LLM app design on several inputs simultaneously.

Switch models

Design against models served by Cohere, OpenAI, and more soon. Switch models seamlessly.

Few-shot examples sanity

Manage few-shot examples in isolated and versioned datasets.

History preserved

Iterations, model outputs and few-shot examples are saved and versioned automatically.


Speed up iterations and reduce costs with cached model interactions.

Models that act

Build apps that take action: search Google, curl block and more integrations to come.

Easy deployment

Deploy in one click. Aggregate production traffic for later testing and fine-tuning.

Community Example Apps

Discover apps created by the community. They serve as great examples to get started with Dust.

  • Generate code to answer maths questions


  • Solving the blank page problem for wedding thank you notes


  • Answer questions with high factual accuracy by searching online and compiling responses based on content downloaded from websites (with references).


  • Teach LLM to teach itself new tasks by teaching it to generate few shot examples from high-level tasks descriptions and prompting itself with them.


Dust is open source and part of AI Grant