Amplify your team's potential
with customizable and secure AI assistants.

AI is changing the way we work.
Effectively channeling its potential is a competitive edge.

Deploy the best Large Language Models to all your company,today.

Connect Dust to your team’s data and break down knowledge silos with context‑aware assistants.

Empower your teams with assistants tailored to their needs on concrete use cases.

Control data access granularly with a safe and privacy-obsessed application.


Can you help me write a VLOOKUP formula to match employee names with their IDs?


Draft me a job description following company script for this job.


Could you walk me through the typical workflow for a project in my department?

Get the state of the art,
today and tomorrow.

Dust gives you access to the  leading models,
augmented with  your company’s internal information.

Your own knowledge base continuously in sync:
Notion, Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, and more.

With the support of multiple sources of data and models, Dust is  exceptionally modular and adaptable, tailoring to your unique requirements, continuously evolving to meet your changing needs .

Proprietary and open-source models suited to your needs: OpenAI, Anthropic, Mistral…

Bring your team
up to speed.

Adopting AI is a fundamental shift for your team’s workflows.

Dust helps identify your most creative and driven team members, develop and share their experience with AI throughout your company.

Team members imagine new workflows and package them with assistants that others can effortlessly use.

Spread good practices & foster collaboration with shared conversations, @mentions in discussions and our Slackbot integration.

Manage workspace invitations seamlessly with single sign‑on (SSO).

Designed for security
and data privacy.

Your data is private, No re-training of models on your internal knowledge.

Enterprise-grade security to manage your data access policies with control and confidence.

Need more?
Dust do it!

Provide developers and tinkerers with a platform to build custom actions and application orchestration to fit your team’s exact needs.

Support custom plugins for assistants to interact with your own databases on advanced use cases.

Start with Dust!
Meet our pricing plans.

29€/ month / user, excl. tax
From 1 user
One workspace
Privacy and Data Security
Advanced models (GPT-4, Claude…)
Unlimited custom assistants
Unlimited messages
Up to 1Gb/user of data sources
Connections (GitHub, Google Drive, Notion, Slack, ...)
Single Sign-on (Google, GitHub)
Dust Slackbot
Assistants can execute actions
Workspace role and permissions
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