Dust for Data and Analytics

From Data to Action

Focus on generating first-of-a-kind insights while AI helps with routine queries and standard reports across teams.

Give everyone access
to data analysis.

Democratize data analysis

Enable anyone at the company to generate recurring analyses using natural language to create SQL queries that understand your database schemas.

Reduce time to data insights

Turn .csv files, Notion databases, and Google Sheets into data sources for quantitative analyses with assistants that have a built-in understanding of your company’s business terminology.

The assistants for the job:

Generates simple SQL queries that understand business logic and fixes or improves existing ones


Answers advanced questions about existing users by querying internal data.

Free the team
from being a perpetual help desk.

Streamline onboarding
for the data team

Share up-to-date runbooks and internal documentation for new data team members to ramp up efficiently and autonomously with conversational assistants.

Improve internal documentation on internal data sources

Clean up or draft great documentation about your infrastructure or fields, tables and relationships to be clear to all.

The assistants for the job:

Answers questions about internal processes and runbooks on the data team


Knows everything about data schemas and data model relationships at the company

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