Dust for Sales

Less busywork,
more deals.

Boost qualification, prospecting, and closing.
Practice techniques from demos to objection handling.

Drop the cut-and-paste,
Hone your personal touch.

Personalized outreach at scale

Craft optimized cold emails or follow-ups effortlessly.

Ensure your sales reps connect more effectively with prospects, with personalized drafts ready for their email outbox.

Account snapshots and reports

Generate account summaries and reports from across your CRM, Slack, and Notion.

Keep every pipeline review focused on the strategic outlook rather than administrative housekeeping.

The assistants for the job:

Generates personalized and effective cold emails or follow-up emails with the context of the relationship


Creates a snapshot by retrieving data from your CRM, Slack, Notion, including health and sentiment to understand where to focus attention


Points to battle cards, competitive intelligence, and objection handling documentation to increase conversion

Scale Sales Operations team
for fun and profit.

Keep everyone on the same page

Ramping up and aligning fast-growing or distributed teams gets harder.

Enshrine templates and playbooks into assistants to roll out a consistent and efficient sales motion.

Improve decision-making for sales leadership

Generate real-time insights on sales metrics and team trends.

Have your weekly reports and summaries ready in a few seconds.

The assistants for the job:

Answers any question on revenue metrics directly from Slack


Processes all call transcripts to extract recurring themes or insights


Highlights performance outliers across the team based on CRM data and growth priorities

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