Dust for Marketing

Go from insight to content in the blink of an eye

Leverage AI assistants to gather market intelligence and customer insights, and to produce content faster.

Generate content fast
that remains on brand.

Consistent content at last

Uses assistants to ensure consistency across teams and customer touchpoints. Leverage your carefully crafted brand voice guidelines and past content to support a quick and intuitive creative process.

Cross-posting made easy

Generate inspired and aligned versions of your content adapted to blogs, websites, product documentation, and social media faster.

The assistants for the job:

Creates content based on best-in class  examples availble internally


Generates versioned content for social media outlets taking into account company guidelines


Transcreate all your content to adapt content for international markets

AI Power-ups on tap.

Set up a live competitive
intelligence feed

Leverage AI assistants to keep tabs on your market and its participants.

Generate reports on competitors' moves to never be caught off-guard and inform your decisions.

Man the battle card stations

Bridge the gap with Sales, Product, and Support teams by translating marketing decisions, objectives, and strategies into their language.

Easily generate content and insights leveraging competitive intelligence and the positioning you've decided on.

The assistants for the job:

Tracks competitors websites to highlight changes and pro-actively detect market positioning opportunities


Analyzes user and customer surveys quantitatively based on your natural language questions


Generates arguments for your product in comparison to a specific competitor, in line with internal product guidelines and category positioning

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