Dust for Recruiting and People

More time for people, teams, and managers

Support the business and the team effectively across recruiting, onboarding, and career development initiatives.

Focus on being a business partner, not a help desk.

Give new hires the buddy they can always tap on the shoulder

Transform your onboard process with tailored assistance for newcomers to discover your methods, people, and culture.

Let your internal documentation do the work

Extract yourself from admin ping pong. Allow team members to interact with an assistant that answers common people-related questions in Slack and points to the right internal resources.

The assistants for the job:

Acts as a friendly guide to help new team members feel welcome and properly informed from day one and as they learn about the company


Answers questions the People team gets most regularly about company processes and policies based on internal documentation directly on Slack

Help your People Grow.

Create engaging learning experiences faster

Use internal documentation to create training materials tailored to each role and team.

Streamline performance reviews

Help reviewers collect data to get a holistic view of their teammates' impact and make more accurate evaluations.

Get more thoughtful peer reviews, with AI-powered feedback on tone, references to company principles, priorities and business objectives.

The assistants for the job:

Designs training modules and crafts employee development plans


Collects achievements, drafts actionable reviews, helps formulate feedback

Give your hiring efforts a boost.

Get a qualified pipeline in a flash

Easily draft consistent job descriptions. Analyze and filter candidates' CVs by finding elements that are a match for expectations.

Train your team at writing exercises and questions, reviewing exercises' responses, and reading through candidates' subtexts.

Raise the bar on interviews

Easily prepare the interview process including questions that match the role expectations and company guidelines.

Give the team context on the status of a hire.

Help interviewers write consistent and well-articulated feedback that directly connects to your company's evaluation rubric.

The assistants for the job:

Drafts job descriptions and matching social media communications based on company templates


Provides a suggested analysis of a candidate CV given a role description to highlight questions for a screening interview


Suggests interviews questions based on roles, stage of the interview and the company's culture

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