Dust for Knowledge Management

Bring your internal knowledge to life

Keep internal content fresh, discoverable and truly useful.
Make it easy for teams to work smarter by tapping into the company's collective intelligence and expertise.

Keep internal documentation

Create company knowledge with minimal effort

Leverage existing discussions to reduce the time and lift required to update and create new internal content.

Keep internal documentation forever fresh

Compare and contrast existing documentation with internal conversations to highlight areas in need of a revision.

The assistants for the job:

Creates documentation based on product and tech team's knowledge


Analyzes existing documentation in the context of internal discussions on product launches to highlight update requirements


Explores support tickets and support team conversations to spot tribal operational knowledge that should be formalized once and for all

Upgrade internal communication and collaboration.

Onboard at breakneck speed

Generate tailored onboarding experiences for newcomers based on their skills and set them up for success with personalized coaching.

Tear down knowledge walls

Keep the company hive mind ahead of the curve with answers to general questions.

Foster collaboration across teams by freeing content from the software silos it lives in. Translate internal updates into a language each team can understand.

The assistants for the job:

Quizzes new team members on company knowledge as they onboard on their specific team


Translates internal memos focusing on the technical implications and providing reminders on certain business priorities


Explains technical concepts in the context of the company's infrastructure and data model

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