Dust for Engineers and Developers

Code smarter,
Resolve faster

Reduce interruptions, write better code, speed up incident response, and accelerate new engineers' onboarding.

Improve Code Quality.

Talk to your codebase

Get conversational access to your entire code base.

Accelerate onboarding for new engineers on the team and reduce interruptions from other teams.

Create your architecture copilot.

Specialize the best models (Gemini, GPT4, Mistral) to answer general code questions with concise, straight-to-the-point answers that have context on the team's stack, runbooks, and architecture preferences.

The assistants for the job:

Answers general questions about code architecture and engineering team processes


Answers general questions about code to avoid a trip to StackOverflow


Answers questions about the company codebase

Fight fires,
get back to Coding.

Protect your eng team with a help desk for most situations

Provide answers to questions from the rest of the company automatically to avoid interruptions.

Give developers context on previous incidents in seconds, without the need to ping last time's hero.

Get the report done for the company to stay in the know

Generate weekly summaries on what shipped, what broke, and what's in flight.

Make these available to the team's stakeholders with explanations on the technical terms they might not understand.

The assistants for the job:

Answers questions from the rest of the company on engineering definitions, ongoing projects, and who's on run


Assists in the event of an incident with data on previous similar situation and their remediation


Writes a table of shipped and unshipped features—Summarizes incidents with impact, current status, and remediation plans

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