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Secure AI assistant
with your company’s knowledge

AI is changing the way we work and is a competitive advantage for smart teams that harness its potential effectively.

Dust is an AI assistant that safely brings the best large language models, continuously updated company knowledge, powerful collaboration applications, and an extensible platform to your team’s fingertips.

GPT-4 and all your internal knowledge,

Use Dust for unified and safe access to GPT-4.

Connect Dust to your team’s data and break down knowledge silos with always up-to-date answers in a chat UI.

Get your teams
up to speed on AI.

Let your team share prompts and conversations to ramp up on the potential of generative AI for their tasks.

Get suggestions from Dust on documentation updates and improvements based on ongoing internal conversations and decisions.

Build your own
powerful workflows.

Build custom Large Language Model apps on top of your company data. Let Dust assist you with the details of working with LLMs as you adapt them to your specific needs.

Our product

Augmenting humans, not replacing them

We're optimistic about making work life better for smart people. We're building R2-D2, not Skynet.

Uncompromising on data security & privacy

We aspire to define standards rather than simply abide by the existing ones.

Hard problems over hype

There's more to do than wrapping GPT into a chat UI. We're in this to solve hard problems on user experience and product quality.

Building with an AI core

We're building with large language models in mind from the ground up, rather than sprinkling them here and there.

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