Smarter Teams
with Generative AI

While fast-growing companies all feel the pain of rapidly growing internal information debt, LLMs have the potential to fundamentally change how data is created or consumed in the enterprise. Dust harnesses their power to help teams craft better content, understand their environment faster, and ultimately take better decisions.

Get better work done faster with Dust, the Smart Team OS

or GitHub
Internal data vectorized, not rasterized

Bring your internal data in context with fully managed semantic search engines to expose it to large language models apps.

Safely connect Notion, Slack, etc… as continuously updated embeddings.

Smart read and write tools

Disentangle how information is created and stored from where and how it's consumed by your team.

Find tailored answers to your questions rather than a list of documents. Stay updated on projects in just as many bullet points as you have time for. Make your notes and memos crisp, compelling, and consistent with the team lexicon and tone of voice.

Your own powerful workflows

Build custom Large Language Model apps with the models of your choice and your own data sources. Tweak, evaluate and maintain them in a visual interface that assists you with the intricacies of prompting and chaining stochastic models.

Deploy your own apps internally either with a GUI or via API.

Our Product Constitution

Augmenting humans, not replacing them. We're optimistic about making work life better for smart people. We're building R2-D2, not Terminator.

Focusing on the upside. There's so much machines can help with, and we'd rather focus on increasing the upside rather than cutting costs.

Craftsmanship over chatbots, hard problems over hype. There's a little more to great products and experiences than wrapping GPT-4 API calls into a chat UI. We're in this to solve hard problems at hand on user experience and product quality.

Building with an AI core. Being an LLM-native company, we're building with large language models in mind from the ground up, rather than sprinkling them here and there.

Being Safe and Sound. Your data's sensitive, and you can't just accept “making things up” as a standard. Our North Star is somewhere between Factualness, Safety, and Security. We aspire to define standards rather than simply abide by the existing ones.

Focusing on tinkerers, delighting everyone. We make tools with the makers in mind. Those who want to bend software to their will deserve a way to do it and are our core audience, and not all are developers. We'll work hard to make users happy with or without technical know-how.

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